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Make 2024 a year to invest in yourself and your business
NTCA will offer 206 workshops and 86 regional programs around the country this year, but there is an abundance of other industry and specialized training also available. Here’s a listing of some of the programs that promise increased knowledge, skill and confidence for tile installers and contractors. I challenge you to attend at least ONE learning event this year – make 2024 a year to invest in yourself and your business! – Lesley Goddin
ARDEXacademy ARDEX Americas technical training seminars are hosted at ARDEXacademy training facilities in Aliquippa, Pa.; Mansfield, Texas; Dallas, Ga.; and Stockton, Ca. ARDEXacademy provides attendees with classroom and hands-on training working directly with ARDEX high-performance products. Attendees also learn about ARDEX Proper Prep™ philosophy and SystemOne™ warranty. Expert instructors demonstrate the latest installation techniques, allowing you to return to the jobsite with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to increase job efficiency and maximize profits for your company!
ARDEX Tile & Stone trainings cover Substrate Prep, Waterproofing, Uncoupling & Heating Membranes, Shower Systems, Tile Mortars, and Grouts. For more information and to register to attend an upcoming training at ARDEXacademy, please visit: http://bit.ly/ardexacademy.
Atlas Plan Official Fabricators Atlas Plan Official Fabricators Certification offers benefits to fabricators who work with – or want to work with – porcelain stoneware. After passing cutting tests on Atlas material at their place of business in the presence of an Atlas Plan technician or sales representative, Certified Atlas Plan Fabricators will be entitled to the following advantages:
  • Preferential sales conditions
  • Assistance in case of material breakage while processing
  • Ten-year warranty on porcelain stoneware slabs
  • Promotion across the Atlas Plan customer network (designers/architects, furniture stores, ceramic retailers, private individuals, etc.)
  • Promotion on Atlas Plan digital channels
  • Opportunity to display the personalized Atlas Plan Official Fabricators plate
  • Documentation, support and continuous updating from Atlas Plan
Atlas Plan regularly organizes free technical training events in cooperation with its technical partners on processing, bonding and treatment of large slabs. Visit https://www.atlasplan.com/en/official-fabricators/ for details.
Bathmatic Custom Tile and Shower Company • Put Tools in Schools Career Day: February 15, 2024, Parkwood High School, Charlotte, N.C. This event will introduce the tile trade to 800 students, engaging them with hands-on tasks including scoring/cutting and setting tile and learning the anatomy of LED lighting.
• Illuminiche Demonstration/Training and LED Introduction to Bathroom Design: February 27, 2024, Cosentino, Charlotte, N.C. Other sponsors include Sika, Blanke Corporation and Russo Trading Company. Learn about installation of Dekton panels and illuminate your skills by joining this cutting-edge training program to master the art of lighting design and installation. Get hands-on experience, learn latest industry techniques and industry best practices. For more information, email bathmatic704@gmail.com.
Bostik Academy Bostik Academy provides training and helpful information about industry trends, product features and benefits, plus installation guidelines for North American contractors, distributors, and employees. See an overview of offerings below and follow link for more information - https://bostikus.cc/BostikAcademy.
• In-Person Training: Request customizable surface prep, mortar, and grout training for flooring and walls, instructed by our technical experts • Webinars: Gain a competitive edge by learning about today’s optimal tile products and installation methods • eLearning o  Subfloor Prep o  Flooring & Wall Tile & Stone • Videos o Flooring Surface Preparation Products o  Bosti-Set Installation o Big Tile & Stone Vertical Installation for Large Format Tile o How to Prevent Grout Haze o Grout Removal Tips • Collateral o Safety Data Sheets o Technical Data Sheets • And more o Request Adhesive and Grout Kits or Color Cards o Use Bostik’s Grout Calculator for your next project
Coverings Coverings, North America’s largest tile and stone showcase, offers tile and stone industry pros a robust lineup of complimentary learning opportunities, including live demonstrations, show floor tours with pre-recorded audio, interactive sessions, partner education and so much more. Coverings 2024 is taking place April 22-25 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga. With participation by leaders from NTCA, TCNA, CTEF, NSI, ISFA, SFA and Rockheads, you will access the critical resources and know-how you need to keep current in today’s highly competitive tile and stone marketplace at Coverings 2024. Learn more and register at no cost at www.Coverings.com.
FILA Innovation Center FILA’s Innovation Center is a leading source of the latest care and maintenance solutions in the tile and stone sector. Excited to be a training partner for contractors and tile installers, it will offer four webinars in 2024. Check out the topics below and sign up to participate! • February 20, 2024: WINTER WEBINAR Care of Precious and Sensitive Stones: Marble, Limestone, Exotic Granites Sign up here: https://forms.gle/8GvVxXgAoWpdRtv77 • May 21, 2024: SPRING WEBINAR Spring Cleaning – Best Practices Indoors and Outdoors Sign up here: https://forms.gle/ZG7U1SANWPx5y1R48 • July 25, 2024: SUMMER WEBINAR Outdoor Porcelain and Paver Care and Maintenance Sign up here: https://forms.gle/FjkA64vcB9F5ZsYCA • November 13, 2024: FALL WEBINAR Care and Maintenance of Large Format Porcelain and Porcelain Pavers Sign up here: https://forms.gle/TPZqtRmzgn2o1Vo8A
Floor & Decor Floor & Decor offers a number of training and educational sessions for Pros. The company partners with the NTCA to provide Regional Training Classes and Workshops for tile installation professionals at Floor & Decor stores across the country. You can attend these trainings and workshops conducted in-store by the National Tile Contractors Association. In addition, Floor & Decor offers webinars where Pros can learn from brands like Schluter, MAPEI, RUBI, Fila, Bostik and LATICRETE, so you can take your product knowledge and installation skills to the next level. To find out more about Floor & Decor’s training and educational services, please visit: http://bit.ly/4aXg26j
LATICRETE LATICRETE has a long history of education and training through numerous formats, including in-person presentations and demos, online webinars, and access to 200+ YouTube videos. These opportunities share important industry knowledge and support the planning, installation and trouble-shooting of LATICRETE products. Visit https://bit.ly/3vuu3bE for details.
• Profit Through Knowledge (PTK): LATICRETE hosts one- and two-day seminars at various locations where attendees gain insights and participate in hands-on installation techniques and product demonstrations. • LATICRETE University: This free e-learning program offers vital industry, technical systems and product information through 165 on-demand online tutorials for self-paced learning.
• AIA & IDCEC Programs: Whether online or in-person, professionals can choose from various AIA- and IDCEC-approved presentations to earn continuing education credits.
• Webinars: Attendees learn from LATICRETE experts about specific installation systems via live on-request online webinars.
MAPEI MAPEI Technical Institute (MTI) provides the highest-quality, fundamental and advanced product knowledge with demonstrations and hands-on training at locations throughout the USA, with three types of educational classes:
• Tile & Stone Installation Systems (TSIS): Learn about surface preparation, moisture mitigation, waterproofing, crack isolation, tile and stone installation systems, grouts, sealers, finishes, and cleaners for stone/tile/grout. • Gauged Porcelain Tile (GPT): Explore industry standards, tile limitations, safety, handling, tools, subfloor preparation, surface preparation, cutting and installation of floors and walls.
• Mapeheat: Receive an overall understanding of floor-heating applications, how to install Mapeheat products and the best practices and tips for floor-heating installation.
For more information, or to register for a class, please visit online at https://www.mapei.com/us/en-us/training-and-technical-service/in-person-trainings.
Noble Company Noble Company is a proud sponsor of NTCA educational opportunities.
Noble also offers free hands-on Contractor Product Training and that covers a variety of installation methods (commercial and residential) and can be tailored to a specific requirement based upon contractor needs. This training is specifically designed to help tile contractors avoid costly callbacks, improve installation efficiency, and maximize shower sales.
Noble’s free 15 – AIA and IDCEC approved 1-hr LU/HSW CEUs for design and construction professionals are available in-person, via webinar, and on-demand. They focus on cost-effective solutions to problems created by today’s fast-paced, cost-driven construction techniques. We also sponsor free on-demand CEUs through Ron Blank Green CE.
More information regarding Noble product training, education opportunities and instructional videos may be found at www.noblecompany.com or call 800-878-5788.
RUBI Academy RUBI evolves day by day, hand-in-hand with professionals from all over the world, accompanying them and providing them with the necessary tools to obtain the best results. RUBI Academy offers a learning experience encompassing skills, trends and training in the use of materials and tools available to all professionals, with the premise of always being at the forefront of the sector.
Here in the USA, RUBI Tools is a proud sponsor of the NTCA Regional program, and with the RUBI Academy this 2024, will be providing tile installation trainings for large-format tile featuring RUBI TOOLS Slab System and new accessories that facilitate the installation of all types of tiles, and formats! 
RUBI wants to build better spaces every day, which is why it is constantly training the best professionals Visit www.rubi.com/us/academy for details on RUBI Academy events throughout the year.
Schluter®-Systems Workshops Schluter®-Systems offers a variety of workshops across North America that are designed for industry professionals. Informative and engaging, Schluter workshops combine hands-on, theoretical, and demonstrative training, and are free to attend.
Learn, connect, and be inspired by other professionals of the trade, while Schluter technical experts share best practices and innovative applications that can be achieved using Schluter products.
It’s Schluter’s philosophy to support education and training on industry-approved ceramic and stone tile installation methods. It actively participates in the development of standards and specifications for ceramic tile installation through representation in industry organizations such as the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and the Terrazzo, Tile, and Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC).
Find a workshop near you and register to attend: www.SchluterEvents.com.
Sika STEP Series Sika will be continuing the STEP (Sika Technical Education Program) Series flooring installation solution training curriculum in 2024. This in-person training clinic is designed to educate contractors and installers on best practices when using components of the Sika Secure System.
Best practices focusing on flooring installation solutions and industry standards will be taught, pertaining to subfloor surface preparation, moisture mitigation, acoustical abatement, wood flooring products, resilient flooring adhesives as well as tile installation products. The STEP Series consists of one-day events that will be conducted regionally throughout the U.S. in 2024.
Contractors and installers can sign up for a STEP Series training course closest to them by visiting the following link: www3.na-sika.com/step-series-registration/.
SunTouch SunTouch is excited to promote its Contractor Certification program. Become a Certified SunTouch Installer – get listed on the SunTouch site as a Certified SunTouch Installer. Access exclusive content like proven sales strategies, tool kits, and more.
Get listed as a Certified Installer on SunTouch.com Connect with homeowners and grow your business Access exclusive sales strategies and tool kits Visit https://bit.ly/41S3rgP to apply for this self-paced program, and receive a unique course link.
THASIE The Hybrid & Advanced Systems Installation Event (THASIE) is the first of its kind, technical hands-on training event providing tile installers with free hands-on learning about how to properly prepare showers for tile installation.
THASIE takes place March 1-2 at DeSoto Sales in Fresno, Calif. The “hybrid” aspect relates to the demonstration techniques: manufacturers will host booths, but have actual tile installation professionals and contractors doing the demonstrations as the manufacturer explains the process of using the products. THASIE will offer business development classes during the event. Registration is required. The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) will be on site on February 29 to hold a sponsored Certified Tile Installer (CTI) exam on February 29. Get details on the event at https://www.thasiegroup.com/.
Virginia Tile Virginia Tile, in collaboration with NTCA, presents training programs designed to elevate your skills and distinguish you from the competition. Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels (GPTP) training encompasses comprehensive lessons on substrate preparation and installation techniques, and hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge to excel in this segment.
Joining forces with NTCA ensures that you receive top-notch guidance for successfully working with large-format tiles. The training covers skills in substrate preparation, the best tools to use, and mastering the intricacies of large-format tile installations. The program is tailored to enhance your proficiency under the expert guidance of seasoned professionals.
Stay at the forefront of industry advancements by enrolling in Virginia Tile and NTCA’s training segments. Sign up now and take the first step towards advancing your career in tile installation. http://tinyurl.com/VTCNTCA
wedi wedi offers a variety of FREE training workshops to get you started on building fast, customizable, 100% waterproof shower systems! Learn more at www.wedicorp.com.
• wedi Certification Workshops – Introductory hands-on workshops covering installation and design, offered in retail locations near you. • wedi PRO Certification Workshops – Advanced hands-on workshops covering installation, design, and safe practices when installing all types of wedi shower systems including linear, curbless, and steam showers. Participants qualify to register projects for wedi’s 15 year and 20 year limited PRO Warranty. Offered in presentation spaces near you.  • First Time Job Assistance (FTA) – A one-on-one training and certification at your project site with a wedi trainer, showing safe and best practices for installing wedi shower systems. wedi will come to you!