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The added value of upselling
Martin Brookes, NTCA President
Martin Brookes, NTCA President
Recently, I received a call from a manufacturer of an electric floor warming system asking how many of these types of systems we install. The manufacturer’s intent was to gather information about the use of this system in my territory and to promote their product. When I work with this product, it is because it was included in the architect’s or designer’s specifications. These products are usually included in projects because some clients want the latest technologies installed for their projects, and at other times general contractors, architects, or designers recommend the use of cutting-edge materials. However, often these products are overlooked by specifiers because they don’t realize that including these items in their installations can add real value to the quality of the completed project.
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It may be as simple as replacing the drain body. For example, the use of an adjustable drain body or a bonding flange instead of an easy-test floor shower body not only looks more attractive, but can also reduce the shower curb height, which increases the comfort of the use of the shower for the client.
Tile contractors – as well as general contractors, architects, and designers – can play an important role in promoting the use of new and innovative products that can enhance the comfort and function of installations. Besides the value of these options for the client, promoting the use of new products can also be financially beneficial to the tile contractor.
Developing relationships with sales representatives and product manufacturers with proven track records for reliability can create new business opportunities for the tile contractor. Trade shows, training events, and your local tile store can provide opportunities to meet sales representatives and learn about new materials and installation products.
Tile contractors have the opportunity to educate clients about the value of using new and innovative products in their projects. In addition to the added value of using these new options for the client, the tile contractor can enhance their bottom line by marking up the cost of the item as well as the related costs for the installation of these products to the overall project costs.
Being involved with your local manufacturing representative and distributor can elevate you above your competitors by being knowledgeable about new materials and products, giving you the confidence not only to upsell but to understand product value and performance characteristics.
Our industry is blessed with entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas that can help you save time and money. Our field is forever evolving, and it is important we keep up with these changes.