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Summertime, when the living is sultry
Lesley Goddin
Editorial Director and Senior Writer
“Everything good, everything magical, happens between the months of June and August” – Jerry Han
Welcome to high summer, peeps! Hopefully you’re finding ways to keep cool, relaxing with a tall, cool drink and this issue of TileLetter!
We have a trio or so of stories coming out of Coverings to inform and educate you. First up, stargaze with us as you meet some of the Coverings Rock Star recipients in our Rising Stars section, and learn about what being honored means to them – as well as ways the industry can grow and improve.
Another Coverings-centric story is from contributor Chris Woelfel, who brings you information about safety practices NTCA Trainers presented during the show. Visit our Business story to get the scoop.
The third story in our Coverings triad is a review of new products seen on the show floor by this editor and show attendees. Learn what inspired industry showgoers and what might make your upcoming projects even more fabulous by paging over to our Products section.
TileLetter Publisher Elena Grant penned a recap of a recent NTCA Webinar with Schluter's Patrick Neaton that focused on electric radiant heating. Find it in our Training & Education section this month.
Ken Ballin of Skyro Floors wrote our Technical story, in which he advocates about being keenly educated and experienced with the materials in use on a job, and creating your installer’s warranty accordingly. Also check out the Technical sidebar that details the status of the new documents the NTCA Technical Committee introduced, approved or accepted for inclusion in the upcoming NTCA Reference Manual.
In 2016, TileLetter featured a Member Spotlight on Nichols Tile & Terrazzo Company, managed by Brad Denny. Since Denny has taken on the Executive Director spot at the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, his sister Amber Hunter has taken the helm. Learn about this new incarnation of Nichols Tile and what the future holds in store for the company and Hunter’s involvement in the industry.
The issue opens with the cover feature that tells the tale of Bocaire Country Club in Boca Raton and how Proctor Construction, Zaharion’s Flooring and Sika construction solutions transformed the 40-year-old property to a new level of modern grandeur.
Enjoy this month of long days, sultry temperatures, cicada songs, and hopefully some time to kick back and feel carefree with friends and family.