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Planning and preparation – a winning team!
Lesley Goddin
Editorial Director and Senior Writer
“Give me six hours to cut down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln
Planning and preparation are the foundations of any job well done. Sometimes it feels like there isn’t TIME to plan or prepare – the pressure is great to get right to action – but doing so without assessing upcoming needs, parameters and issues puts you at peril when you finally put your hand to the plow (or in our industry’s case, the trowel).
So, before I dive into the great content for you in this issue, I have a request. Even though we are only at the midpoint of the year, the TileLetter team is on the cusp of planning our content for 2025. And we want your input on what would be most helpful to you in your business. What technical topics do you want to read about? What business topics would help support your operations? What issues do you want more information about and what industry leaders would you like to hear from? This is a chance to have a direct impact on crafting the direction of our publications in the coming year, so please reach out to me at lesley@tile-assn.com by June 17 and let us know how we can best provide tile technical and business training to you in print.
Now, on to THIS issue! Our cover story chronicles the restoration and re-installation of a historic mural by legendary mosaic artist Millard Sheets at the Hilbert Museum of California Art. This project took several years and numerous organizations and talented individuals. Setting materials by CUSTOM ensured this project would be beautiful and enduring.
The Grand Traverse Hotel and Spa benefited from NTCA Five-Star Contractor Welch Tile and Marble’s new time-saving prefabricated shower system, Welch Tile Solutions (WTS). The patented system was instrumental in delivering 242 beautiful new guest bathrooms on schedule and within budget. And TEC setting materials provided the perfect partnership for innovation and performance on this project.
Kyle Hedin, owner of Floor Academy and host of the Floor Academy Podcast, relates how reframing your “estimates” into “consultations” can help screen out tire kickers and compensate you for your time and expertise.
Silicosis can hurt and disable you. Read what CTEF’s Scott Carothers has to say about protecting yourself from this occupational hazard of working with tile and engineered stone. Another story from CTEF is Executive Director Brad Denny’s musings on the importance of being prepared, and citing how one industry member makes preparedness his motto with his attitude and actions. And NTCA President Sam Bruce explains the importance of attending Coverings to his daughter Paityn, a Tom Ade Scholarship Award recipient.
Finally, new NTCA member Caleb Donaldson of Solidsurface Tile is the subject of our Member Spotlight this month. Working out of BOTH Austin, Texas, and Minneapolis, Minn., Donaldson isn’t too busy to take advantage of NTCA training no matter where his projects take him!
Summer is on the horizon. Support your work-life balance by planning a break to rest and relax a bit with loved ones. It will pay off in the long run!
God bless,