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Installing tile over vinyl

I read the February 2021 Ask the Experts article on the problem of the install over soft cushion vinyl with great interest. I wanted to share my experiences with the same problem. Years ago I use to do work for a flooring store here in Wisconsin. I was a subcontractor and would do installs for an agreed-upon rate. Too often, the “design” people were basically just sales people who drew pictures and sold product. In order to sell jobs competitively, installers were compelled to do whatever it takes to get the job done. They never wanted to tell the homeowner that the vinyl had to come out and that we can just nail cement board down. I would tell the store owner that we aren’t supposed to do that. Eventually they weeded me out as an installer because I wasn’t a team player. And I haven’t looked back since. Doing a job right costs money, there are no two ways about it. Supply and demand creates these problems as well. When you’re a young installer looking for work or have a large crew that you need to keep busy, sometimes shortcuts are made. Or when “flooring stores” are competing to sell against the box stores, they will sell the product, but don’t want to back you up on the labor. Fortunately for me now, I am in a position in my career (I am 56 years old now) where I can pick and choose my jobs. Thank you for providing articles like this. It helps to know that I am doing things right. Your fellow tile guy, James Wright, Local Design/Construction Department LDC Zone 7 | Volunteer Support Group