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Using the internet and social media to promote your tile business
NTCA President Martin Brookes
Martin G. Brookes, President National Tile Contractors Association
I often come across discussions on social media platforms about the need to host a website to promote your business. It is always an interesting read and usually opinions are split among those who have and those who do not have a website. I've had a web presence for many years and have not used it to its full potential. I have also advertised my business in the Yellow Pages but stopped using this business directory because of its limited ability to promote my business. Even those who are established need a website to legitimize their business. I cannot think of a better way to spotlight your work to increase your visibility, plus it gives customers confidence that you're a capable, legitimate business.
If you are unsure about whether you should host a website to promote your business, think about all the potential customers who may have heard about the high quality of your work and satisfied customers but were unable to locate your business because you did not have a presence on the web. This is a missed opportunity that could result in a potential loss of more profitable work because consumers could not find your business and qualify it. Many tile contractors do not have a business website or social media presence to showcase their beautiful work. Being virtually invisible puts you at a disadvantage. Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can work alongside your webpage keeping your current and potential customers aware of the current trends and methods about how to install tile using best practices.
Having your website optimized for mobile devices is also important so the potential customer can have a more favorable browsing experience. Adding real photos of your work or even links to designers you work with who have showcased your work can give others a look inside your business and the type of work you excel at. Having contact information clearly identified will make it easier for the customer to reach you. An intuitive website that is easy to navigate will get the customer to you faster.
I recently took the initiative to update my website to modernize it and give it a more professional appearance. The need to do so was quite clear, because a couple of recent customers made comments about the challenges they experienced in navigating my site.
While listening to a Tile Money podcast hosted by Luke Miller, I learned that one of the sponsors was happytileguy.com, a website development service. I like to support those who support our industry, so I reached out to Grant Kantsios at happytileguy.com and realized that I found the right guy who understood our industry and marketplace and had already developed websites for many tile companies. He had what I was looking for. Within a few days he had a new website designed and ready to go live. The transition was smooth and now I feel more confident about directing present and potential customers to my website.
In this competitive marketplace, it is important to have an online presence. I hope that you will recognize the benefits of increasing your visibility using this digital resource.