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Essential role of training and education in business practices
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NTCA President Martin Brookes
Martin G. Brookes
, NTCA President
I am always gratified to see beautiful tile projects posted online by our colleagues in the field.
There are, without a doubt, many who do not get the recognition they deserve, and I encourage you to post on social media groups so others in our field can see and share in the beauty of the finished product. We have true artists among us who are extremely talented in producing tile work with astonishing results. Take a look at the tile gallery in this issue that showcases the exceptional work of fellow tile installers in honor of National Tile Day. I have been fortunate to meet tile installers at trade shows and conferences and to have the opportunity to talk with them and understand their passion for this industry. Our industry is in a unique position to be able to showcase our work as compared with other industries. Thus, producing a high-quality product that is both functional and aesthetically appealing will allow people both within and outside the industry to appreciate our work for many years to come. The industry has come a long way in such a short period of time in many areas, including the types of tile and material choices available. Advances in the design of new materials allow our craftspeople to install new tile types more efficiently and successfully. Thus, it is important to stay current with the latest developments, skills and new technologies in our field. This is where NTCA plays an essential role in disseminating best practices in the industry through both in-person and online training programs. By participating in continuing education opportunities, not only will installers develop new skills, but building capacity and skills development has the potential to lead to a more profitable business. Some of you may feel overwhelmed and that you cannot find the time to participate in training and education programs, but my opinion is that as business owners you cannot afford to ignore training as an integral part of your business practices. The information given at these events will make it worthwhile and give you the confidence in executing a perfect installation. Knowing that you have a skilled workforce when you are bidding a project will give you the confidence to work effectively with general contractors, design professionals or homeowners. Thus, having a well-trained and skilled workforce will set your business on the right path for success.