Artisans have the power to influence the emotions and feelings of people and society with the work that they do. An artisan’s work can transport you to another place by giving you a feeling that you are somewhere else, and away from your present reality. Their work also has a huge affect on society through the beautification of the buildings that surround us. Although this is often over looked, the role that an artisan plays in all of our lives can affect everyone.
For instance, June’s TileLetter detailed the “Starlit Turkish Spa” – the NTCA Five-Star Project of the Year Artisan Grand Prize awarded to Cox Tile. ( Cox Tile artisans displayed true craftsmanship in every detail, from the custom bench made specific to the homeowner’s height, to the hundreds of lights in the tiled ceiling that simulate stars. Cox Tile’s team of artisans brought the homeowners' memories of their trip to Turkey to life with its unique creativity, quality craftsmanship, and highly functional installation. Cox Tile craftsmanship transports these clients back to Turkey whenever they use their home spa.
Other times, artisans can evoke emotions and feelings through public or commercial works. Visalia Ceramic Tile’s artisans demonstrated its craftsmanship on an old, gray public high school building in Lemoore, Calif., by tiling a giant tiger mural, the school’s mascot (see print TileLetter ARTISAN, Fall 2022, or This old building was transformed into the focal point of the school as the backdrop to an amphitheater, and a popular place for students to gather for selfies and to hang out. The beautification of this old building gave the students a feeling of joy and pride in their school and surroundings.
In our industry, there’s a growing recognition of artisanship and craftsmanship. It’s the historical and practical basis of the work we do, customizing clients’ projects into something completely unique and special. Witness the excitement around the Artisans Revolution in Tile Premiere Tile Artisans Training that took place this summer in Milwaukee (and read more about it in this issue) that inspired and honed the skills of the 15 artisan tile setters who attended. Both NTCA and LATICRETE saw the importance of making this training available, as well as other sponsors and the trainers themselves. Also, note the recognition the NTCA Tile Setter Craftsperson of the Year Award has been bringing since 2019, celebrating residential and commercial craftspeople and the transforming power of their artisanship – and read about our commercial winner in this issue.
People tend to spend their money on things that bring them joy, fulfillment, and make them feel good. We all have experienced clients who were overjoyed with the tile work we provided. People like looking at and living around beautiful products and designs because of how it makes them feel. Artisans are able to provide these emotions and feelings through their skillful and artistic work with tile.

Best to your success,