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Professional growth and success – the singular focus for the Bruce presidency
Sam Bruce
NTCA President
If you have read my previous President’s Letters, you may have picked up on a common theme: professional growth, and success. This is the theme that I want to focus on during my time as NTCA President. My hope is that these letters will introduce or reaffirm ideas and practices that will help any tile contractor or tile installer with their business or their careers. January’s President’s Letter discussed the differences between a construction worker and a professional. Both titles are respectable; however, there are distinct characteristics that separate one from the other, such as continuing education and training, investment in the right tools, and investment in people. Separate yourself from your competition by being the professional. March’s letter told my story of what I learned from women in tile in my life and my family. The stories shared were about women and are also examples of learning from others. None of us knows it all. If you think you do, you will become stagnant relying on your own knowledge, alone. We all need our peers and mentors to become better in our profession. Learning from others is one of the most valuable components to moving forward and growing. April’s President’s Letter detailed the importance of supplier partnerships. Your suppliers are key to helping you serve your customers at the highest level since their dependability will have a direct effect on your ability to serve your customers. The right suppliers will help your business succeed and not work against it. Partners who are not interested in your success or not providing a relationship or service that promotes your success are not partners that you can grow with. If you have not read these President’s Letters, I urge you to go find them and read them. Other President’s Letter topics include the importance of being involved in the NTCA, recruiting and training the next generation of tile installers, and the benefits of attending industry conferences such as Coverings 2023. My goal is to continue to write about topics that will help elevate and grow tile installers and tile installation business owners. The NTCA has many resources to help the installation industry to succeed, so another of my goals is to promote these resources, and make you aware of available programs and how they can help your growth. I look forward to sharing my knowledge in the future President’s Letters to come, and I hope they are of value and help in your professional growth and success. Best to your success, Sam Bruce President, NTCA SamB@vctile.com