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St. Regis of Longboat Key unveiled
No two days are the same when working on the $800 million, two-and-a-half-year-long construction of the Residences at the St. Regis Longboat Key, near Sarasota, Fla. This monumental project has not only reshaped the landscape of Longboat Key but has also posed unique challenges and demands for the construction team.
Josh Mutchler, a seasoned project executive with over 20 years of experience, leads a team of over 500 professionals every day on this ambitious undertaking. His role is pivotal in overseeing the largest project to be developed on Longboat Key since realty giant Arvida Corp., started shaping the area in the 1970s.
A synchronized workforce of over 500 contractors diligently works to complete all five stories of the St. Regis by early 2024.
Mutchler dedicates up to 11 hours per day to the project, ensuring that both the construction and project management teams are working in harmony. He shepherds them through the constant collaboration involved in design and construction. Managing changes and additions in real-time is a complex task, but it’s essential for the project’s success.
A testament to architectural grandeur and complexity, the project includes a five-story hotel, three five-story condo buildings, and a single-floor amenities building, all sprawled over a 17.6-acre lot. This unique endeavor is not just about construction; it’s about creating an iconic property on the beach, a once-in-a-lifetime project.

A project of this magnitude requires an extensive array of materials, supplies, and equipment, including specialized floor-related products designed to meet the unique demands of the Residences at the St. Regis Longboat Key project.
St. Regis developers sought durability and elegance in the hotel’s shower spaces, ensuring a refined and lasting experience for their guests.
Sound and moisture control – and beyond! Materials, supplies, and equipment for the project were carefully selected to ensure durability and performance, especially considering the likely long delivery times faced by developers nationwide due to the pandemic. Among these materials, a standout product is PROFLEX® RCU 250, a 6mm rubber sound control membrane. This innovative solution plays a crucial role in reducing sound transmission, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable environment within the residences.
As both a luxury hotel and condominium, St. Regis spares no expense in providing ultimate comfort and opulence for its esteemed guests.
The Martin’s Flooring team expertly installs PWA 600 on the fourth floor of the condominium space, delivering superior flooring protection and sound insulation.
Additionally, PROFLEX® PWA 200 proves to be a versatile choice for both concrete and wood substrates. It facilitates the installation of various flooring materials, from solid and engineered wood to parquet flooring, wood flooring shorts, and recycled rubber flooring. This adaptability aligns perfectly with the diverse needs of this project’s tile and wood paneling.
Moisture control is a paramount concern in large-scale construction projects. To address this, the project relies on PROFLEX® MS-225 Moisture Sealer. Its ability to prime porous concrete and neutralize surface alkalinity is instrumental in safeguarding the flooring installations against moisture-related issues.

Furthermore, PROFLEX® PWA 600 serves as both an adhesive, sound-control membrane and moisture barrier, offering enhanced protection from subfloor moisture transmissions. This product ensures that moisture levels remain within acceptable limits, a critical consideration for maintaining the integrity of the wood flooring, tile, and other flooring materials used in the project.
Meticulously designed, St. Regis hotel bathrooms focus on simplicity and elegance with customized tiles, creating an atmosphere of sophistication.
PROFLEX® RCU250 is employed in the corridors, enhancing soundproofing and providing a comfortable walking surface for guests on their way to their rooms.
PROFLEX MSI – ideal for large-format tile The Residences at the St. Regis Longboat Key project incorporates large-format tile and stone in various areas, including floors and shower floors. To address the unique challenges of installing such materials, Christian Nedabylek, vice president, and his team at Martin’s Flooring rely on PROFLEX® MSI. This system of products is specially formulated to control shrinkage of thick-bed mortar, making it ideal for large-format tile and stone installations. It provides the necessary stability and support for these premium finishes.
Lastly, to ensure that large-format tiles and stone surfaces adhere securely to approved substrates, the project utilizes PROFLEX® PRO-STICK 40 LHT, a latex-modified, large-and-heavy-tile mortar. This specialized mortar is designed to hold large-format tiles and stone surfaces in place on vertical surfaces, reducing unevenness caused by setting tile on horizontal surfaces. It meets the stringent ANSI 118.11 standards and is applied to various surfaces, backer board, concrete, and masonry, providing the necessary strength and durability required for this grand project.
Incorporating these high-quality PROFLEX® products into the construction process reflects a commitment to excellence, ensuring that the Residences at the St. Regis Longboat Key project not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality and performance.
Extending across all five stories, this tile finish undergoes refinements, ensuring a flawless tile wall as construction approaches its final stages.
The Residences at the St. Regis Longboat Key is an $800 million, 2.5 year long construction project that has reshaped the landscape of Longboat Key and posed unique challenges and demands for the construction team.
Conclusion The Residences at the St. Regis Longboat Key project stands as one of the largest and most ambitious construction endeavors in the region. It represents a symphony of materials, manpower, and meticulous planning. As it moves forward towards completion in 2024, it serves as a testament to what collaboration, sound control, and excellence in construction can achieve. This project showcases the importance of considering sound control from the outset and demonstrates the effectiveness of PROFLEX® products in meeting these challenges head-on. As the construction industry continues to evolve, lessons from projects like this can guide architects, designers, and builders towards creating spaces that prioritize both aesthetics and functionality.
As construction progresses into early 2024, the project’s monumental scale becomes evident, offering guests the promise of breathtaking views and unparalleled luxury.