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NTCA Technical Committee accepts ream of new documents for 2024-2025 NTCA Reference Manual
The NTCA Technical Committee was out en force at its meeting immediately preceding Coverings in April. Technical Committee and subcommittee members reviewed proposed documents, made recommendations for changes and accepted an impressive number of documents for inclusion in the 2024-2025 NTCA Reference Manual, which will be available late summer. They are listed below with the name of the subcommittee chair:
  • A General Introduction to Gauged Porcelain Pavers on Pedestals, and Pedestal Pavers Problem - Problem/Cause/Cure chart (Woody Sanders)
  • Shower Floor Use and DCOF Ratings Precautionary Statement (Frank Donahue)
  • Prefabricated Movement Joint Profiles (Mike Gillette)
  • Modular/Industrialized Construction (Shon Parker)
  • Factors Affecting Curbless Showers for the Design Professional (Kevin Fox)
The acceptance of two additional documents is being voted on this summer:
  • Zellige Tile Installation Guidelines (Martin Brookes)
  • Steps to Understanding Allowable Lippage Guidelines in a Tile Installation (Mark Heinlein)
In addition to publication of these documents in the upcoming NTCA Reference Manual, document summaries will be featured on TileLetter platforms, starting this summer. – Lesley Goddin